UCF Registrar’s Office

At First Stop, we can help answer questions you have for the UCF Registrar’s Office. This includes residency reclassification, readmission, transcript requests, and major changes.

UCF students can schedule an appointment with a UCF Student Services Coach through our Appointment Page.


Readmission Application

If you have previously attended UCF but have not attended for two consecutive semesters, have been academically suspended, or have already completed a bachelor’s degree at UCF and are interested in pursuing a second bachelor’s degree, you will need to complete a readmission application.

Residency Reclassification

Enrolled students who are classified as non-Florida residents for tuition purposes and who believe they may qualify for in-state tuition effective with the next academic semester may submit a Residency Reclassification application form.

Transient Student Process

UCF students who are actively enrolled in courses at UCF but would like to take courses at another Florida public intuition for the semester are transient students. Transient admission is for one semester one and students are required to submit a final transcript to UCF after they have completed their transient courses. Transient students are required to submit a transient student application through FloridaShines.

Transcript Requests

All current and former UCF students can request official transcripts through their myUCF portal. You will need to have access to your NID and know the email account that was on file with your records at UCF. If you do not have an active email on file with UCF or cannot remember the email on record you can submit the email change form before requesting your official transcripts through your myUCF portal.